Founder and Director Jean Hatcherson, PhD, is an avid adventure traveller and international volunteer, with trips spanning 90 countries on six continents. Since 1977, in addition to teaching cultural anthropology at Connecticut universities for eighteen years, Jean has volunteered on numerous international humanitarian missions to dozens of countries on three continents. This includes managing surgical missions (cleft lip and palate, orthopedic, cardiac, urological and burn reconstructive surgery); escorting orphans from abroad to their new homes in the US; bringing supplies to refugee camps and orphanages abroad; and traveling with student and lay volunteers to paint, mend, teach and play with children in bustees, bateys, schools and orphanages. For a complete list of organizations and activities, please see the "Personal Perspective" page on Jean's personal blog by clicking here.


Our vice-president is Kira Wallace, RN. She works in the emergency room at St. Mary's Hospital in Waterbury, Connecticut. A talented singer, craft maker, and mural painter, Kira has volunteered on multiple trips to Bulgaria and India with Corawill. Here she is in 2018 with a young cleft lip patient on a mission with Smile Bangladesh in Khulna, Bangladesh. Kira is also critical part of our fund raising team.





Attorney David Yerkes serves as secretary/treasurer and master painter on volunteer trips abroad, including India, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Ghana, and Cape Verde. Here he is hard at work in Vratsa, Bulgaria.



Corawill, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization established in 2012. Corawill is named for founder Jean's paternal grandparents, Cora and Willson Hatcherson, whose home was always open to friends and family in need.


Corawill, Inc. gives financial support to programs in the US and abroad that help under-served children and adults. These programs include schools, summer camps, social homes, and orphanages around the world. We donate to projects run by small NGOs, many with whom we also volunteer. However, we are open to supporting any organization that works to assist and/or advocate for people in need. All donations go right to the projects and NGOs we support. No member of Corawill receives a salary and non-program overhead expenses are minimal.

Corawill also offers short-term international volunteer opportunities. Collaborating with small, local non-profits we design hands-on projects, working side-by-side with children and adults on socialization, literacy, art, sport, and facility improvement projects. We aim to promote cultural awareness, education, and the gaining of practical skills in an atmosphere of respect, equality and cultural exchange for our volunteers and those we visit. 




22 Bragdon Ave. Danbury CT 06811